2nd half of airdropped ONT tokens



I claimed the ONT airdrop before the deadline, but I only see 50% of the ONT tokens due against the eligible NEO (14,000) I held. My ONT wallet address is: ATDg2b9LBWquUn74B9JKdnAFEyzMqzfg3Y

Please, can you confirm what may have gone wrong, and when I can receive the balance 1400 ONT?

Thank you,



Hey there,

I just ran through all your tx history and can’t see anything strange. Seems indeed you made the transfer before the deadline, on Sept 29th. But the ONT Mainnet tokens never came in.
I would suggest contacting Ontology directly, showing them this transaction:


Thank you for your quick confirmation Arco - much appreciated. I have written to Ontology to help resolve this.