A few things for O3 and Dapps


I’ve some suggestions and/or issues to report, Android V1.2.1.

  • Transaction history part for tokens/coins that are not in the wallet any more, something like all transactions list would be nice.
  • Could you disable ‘pull to refresh’ in switcheo app, I can’t scroll-up the order-book. Or maybe better to disable it for all and let the dApps handle pull2refresh?
  • The NEO Economy App doesn’t work, it can’t connection. And using the blue ‘connect’ button on the page starts the previous team O3 wallet.



Thanks for your suggestions and support! We are working on improving many aspects of the wallet.

You can click the token to see the full transaction history.


I can’t click on the token if I don’t have it anymore, still I might be interested in the history of it.

If you keep adding the token in the token list, you can click it

Version 1.3.0 solved the scroll issue in switcheo app.
Well done

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