After swap ontology why didn’t appear on my o3 wallets


Pls help why after I Ontology time swap but didn’t appear on my o3 wallets. Could you advise.


I swapped 10 ONT yesterday morning. It has now been 36 hours, they have not shown up.

Another issue I noticed, When I swapped there were 2 ONT tokens in the O3 wallet (One was the Nep5 and the other was the new mainet token which included the new airdropp). Now I only see the NEP5 and the mainnet tokens do not show up at all any longer in the O3 wallet.

I assume there are issues and you all are working on correcting it, that may be why you are not responding to questions here, you are busy working to figure things out.

I just want there to be some communication. Please let us know something. Thanks. Love the wallet.



Sorry for the late reply. We are based in Japan and it just got morning here, so we are answering all questions.
The tokens should show up 24 hours after doing the token swap. For the past few hours there has been an issue with the Ontology node but we just solved this 10 minutes ago and tokens should be visible if you have them in your wallet. Please let me know if you still have any issues and we will help you solve them straight away.

Kind Regards,