App crashes when trying to send GAS


Go through the steps to send, press send, confirms Face-ID, then crashes & restarts. Works fine when sending ONT & ONG - Face-ID is not requested. Please help.



Please post your address so we can look into it.
Also, please try going to the apps page (rocket icon) then click ‘UTXO manager’. Follow the steps for GAS, and after that try again and see if that works.

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App crashes when I try the UTXO steps too!


Hi, which version of the O3 app are you on?
It sounds like you might be on an older version.


If you are on the latest version, going from the fact that you mention that Face ID is not requested when sending ONT and ONG there might be something wrong with your settings there in relation to your wallet keys. Can you please back up your keys immediately if you have not done so yet, then go into your phone settings, and try to check your Face ID settings?

If there is nothing wrong, can you please try to reinstall the O3 app? As I said make sure you have your wallet keys all backed up before you do so otherwise you lose access to your funds forever.


Hi, I’m on 2.8.3. I’ve now managed to send ONG, but GAS still fails. I’ve turned off Face-ID and the app doesn’t crash, but says something went wrong, please try later.