App crashing when viewing wallet


My 03 app crashes whenever i try to view my wallet to trade with switcheo. Been like this for 2 days
App vesion 2.3.2
Samsung galaxy 8+


Are you on a VPN by any chance?


No. Happens on wifi and on cellular also


Can you send me your address? This might have to do with a certain token you hold. I only got one other person with this issue, maybe you both have a token that causes this problem because of some internal settings. Would be helpful if you can give us your address.




Hi again, we’re looking into it and just wanted to check if you are still having this problem?


Yeah still crashes. Is there anyway i can give you more info?


Im uploading a new version to the google play store 2.3.3. It should be available in a couple of hours, can you let us know the results, when you get the new version.

This one seems to be a bit tricky to identify the root cause


Hi guys just checked with the new update. Still crashes in the same way. Would it help if i recorded what was happening and sent the video through to you? Via email maybe?


Yes that would be helpful. Can you send it to please?
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey again, thanks for the video. We found the issue and it should be solved now!
Can you try again?


Yep all working now thanks for all your help