Asura tokensale Investor


Hello O3,

The NEP 5 token list is gone.
Please list this again. The older overview was way better.

And I would like to receive information about investing into Asura ICO via your platform. Step by step info would be appreciated. But please add the total nep 5 token list.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. We changed it to tokens being added automatically, so every token you hold with a balance higher than 0 will show up.

Regarding Asura ICO participation, please see the below post. Tomorrow the Asura token sale will show up in the token sale page, and then you can just follow the process in the tutorial to participate.


We’re working on including this

What are your thoughts?


Thanks I appreciate it.
Will have to research it today.

In the future I hope the app will advance and we get exchange options too.


We will have exchange options, we will hopefully be able to explain more about this in the coming weeks!


Still error when participate Azura coin:pensive:


Hi were you able to resolve? The thing I would check is that you have enough GAS in order to make the transaction. You need 0.000001 in order to send, and if you are using priority you will also need that amount


Don’t worry. I used Aphelion wallet.


So i already bought Asura at the 2nd of june. And it worked fine. Now i cant buy for a second time while i already reinstalled the app. I have enough GAS, and i get the same screen as Superhans47. Please resolve this issue before ICO is over.


Can you check again if it’s working now?


Do you plan to add other token sales in the near future?


Yes we do! Got a few coming up, we will keep you informed.
You can also sign up to a mailing list in the app to get informed about token sales.
Just go to the token sales page and click ‘Subscribe’ on the bottom.