Aug 2020: Problems accessing 03 Wallet on iPhone

Hi there,

I have an o3 wallet on my phone. I must have installed it in 2018. I haven’t tried to move anything from there, or clicked on the app in quite some time, maybe over a year. I’d like to access it, I’m having trouble getting past the first screen where the app asks me for a new password. It freezes. I have the encrypted back up. I’d like to access my wallet.

Anybody else having issues?

Cheers and all the best,

Karl Williams

Hi Karl,

There is an option for you to "Import existing wallet " on the first screen, and you can create a new password to enter your wallet.

And please upgrade your wallet in the latest version from our official website. Here is the download guide:

Any questions and latest O3 news please join in our Telegram group:

Thanks for supporting O3 long time!