BDN airdrop missing from O3 app

I have problems with my airdrop token BDN for O3 users. I cant see it at all . What to do ?

Did you check your BDN in explorer to confirm?

In explorer I find it, but I can’t see it and withdrawal it.

Which version do you use?
Please try to update the latest version to check your tokens.
ios 2.1.1 Android 2.2.0 desktop 3.4.16

But I have that version … 3.4.16
In explorer shows that exist but in wallet not . I dont understand…

Are the other coins displayed in the wallet? Please provide your address that we will help to check.

Well I only have left BDN in wallet, other coins are displayed but my saldo is 0.

Please provide your address that we will help to check

AaZiHc19x1khTqTn12jWNa3QjmEH2zDnjG ONT adress
AZfudTdyx1MHM9Xp92u4c8byq6cZw7y9nH NEO adress

Address AaZiHc19x1khTqTn12jWNa3QjmEH2zDnjG is your NEO address.
I guess you made a mistake by importing it to ONT wallet, then your BDN was not displayed in the wallet. You need to choose NEO wallet for importing.

Ty for help