BDN & O3 - Airdrop!

BDN and O3 are collaborating to do an airdrop of BDN tokens specially for O3 users!

Every user that has been using O3 up until October 7th will automatically receive 3 BDN tokens, no registration needed. If you are also holding Ontology tokens in your O3 wallet you have received an extra 7 BDN tokens! Read the following text and register with the link below to get an additional 120 tokens!

Distribution of 3 BDN tokens for O3 users that hold any token: between the 9th and 10th of October
Distribution of 7 BDN tokens for O3 users that hold ONT: between the 9th and 10th of October
Distribution of 120 BDN tokens for O3 users that do KYC: between the 26th and 31st of October

About BDN

BDN (Business Data Network) is a blockchain based data storage and data transaction platform. It is committed to building a decentralized global business data ecosystem via data validation and tokenization to connect business data supply and demand in the data market. BDN incorporates a Consumer Authorization System (CAS) into the network to empower individuals in the data market to enjoy data ownership and commercial benefits of data trades, while ensuring transparency, trustworthiness and security protection of each data transaction and in compliance with GDPR requirements.

Check out this one-pager for an easy overview of what BDN is all about!

BDN community incentive, sign up for an additional 120 BDN!

If you have been an existing O3 user before October 7th and complete the KYC procedure on the BDN website through the link below you will get an additional 120 BDN tokens! Registration is open until 1:00 AM Central Time (CT) on October 25th. The additional 120 BDN tokens will be distributed by the 31st of October latest.

The KYC registration will open on the 10th of October and can be done by clicking this link:
If the KYC is not working for you you can also participate by sending the info in the form + the necessary identity documentation to
Also any questions regarding the KYC can be sent to BDN at the same email address.

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