Buying NEO with BTC using O3 wallet


I bought some neo using the O3 wallet, I paid by BTC and ETH from my binance account, I see in binance that the transaction is complete, but I didnt receive anything in my O3 wallet. More than one hour after the transaction was completed.

Any help please?


Hi there,

Did you use for this?
If so, can you please specify:
The amount of BTC and ETH you sent, the amount of NEO you are expecting to receive and your O3 NEO address?

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Yes indeed I used the swap dapp, I sent 2.5625625 BTC from my binance account, and 9.12 ETH from my toktok account. I really don’t remember exactly how many neo I was expecting but I think about 2500 for BTC and about 201 for ETH trx,

My O3 neo address is ARwbSetp26EwytwpvDgcEMcS2qu2kghs6Z

Thank you in advance



Hello, the BTC one is being confirmed and you should have your NEO soon.
The ETH one I can’t see, maybe because the outgoing transaction from tokok is not confirmed yet. If you have the transaction id of the ETH one please let us know.


I’m still waiting, now 3 transactions are confirmed from the exchange, one (33 nex) is arrived, the second one (201 neo) arrived but only 173 neo,and the BTC one is never received, now almost 8 hours, its not the first time I’m sending to my O3 wallet, never happened to me.


Hi there,

It should be in your wallet now, can you check?
Sorry for the delay!!


Yes indeed I received the amount of bought neo, thank you very much for the support.
Saying that, I don’t know why I didn’t receive 40 neo, I sent 213 but received only 173.


Hi again,

I think you might have remembered the amount incorrectly. It shows as 173 and calculating back the exchange rate that seems like the correct amount as well for ETH - NEO…