Can anyone help me with some info


So since 6 months ive been using O3, only problem is i am currently using finger identification and believe it or not my phone is dying quicker then neo is. So my question is as followed i currently have 3 keys for o3. A wallet encrypted key, A private key, and a Raw key. Can anyone explain me what they are actually doing, Thanks.



At least it’s good to hear you have your keys backed up in case your phone dies!
You have two keys that go with your wallets, the encrypted key and the private key (raw key = private key).

The private key gives you direct access to your wallet and lets you sign transactions.
The encrypted key is basically what it says, an encrypted version of the private key. When you created the wallet you have made a password to encrypt your private key. With the encrypted key + password you can access your wallet instead of your private key. Why you would want to have an encrypted key, is for the simple reason that you can safely store your encrypted key on your computer, email, cloud storage, etc. because with only the encrypted key a person cannot access your wallet. If you store your raw private key somewhere let’s say on your email and someone gets access to your email, then they can get access to your wallet.

I hope that helps!