Can not see Stakeology link on O3 desktop (was working a few days ago)


Can someone help me find the Stakeology link for the desktop in the O3 wallet? It was working fine until a few days ago, and is just not showing up.
Thanks in advance for any and all help!



Can you please post a screenshot of the page you are looking at where it would otherwise show up?

We changed with the new update to 3.0. If you are still on an older version please try and update to the latest version.

Also you can also just go to and access the staketology app through there.


Thanks very much. The link you provided was exactly what I needed, though it’s still not showing up on the desktop app. All is good (and I feel a little stupid).


No need to feel stupid, we have been changing the in-app view to a web view for dapps to enable most dapps have the same flow of connecting and interacting with the wallet. It will no longer show in the wallet itself, but we still have a dapp page in the desktop app, so I’m curious as to why it doesn’t show for you…


If you click on the rocket icon, are you able to go to the decentralized apps tab at the top of that screen, there it should show a list of available apps including Staketology. You can also add it to your favourites so it shows up on the overview page for easy access.


Yes, it work great now after re-booting my computer.
Thanks again for your kind assistance!