Can’t read the message about how to swap ont scrumbs


iPhone SE
Can you help me with that.


ahh. here is what it says in the message

Already swapped your Ontology NEP5 tokens to MainNet? Awesome! You seem to have some crumbs of NEP5 ONT, now you can get rid of it by donating it to help us make O3 more awesome

It’s not a swap because ONT on Ontology mainnet is indivisible. It’s more like cleaning up the crumbs by sending it to us since you can’t do anything with it. :smile:


What is your address ?


What is your address ?


you can tap “Send” button in that message and it should prompt you to the send screen.
look for the green badge. It should say “O3 Verified Address”

Thanks :smiley:


I have tried and the message is
Invalid amount !


How many ONT do you hold (mainnet/nep5)? Maybe it’s easiest if you send me a message at with your wallet address, so we can check for you :wink: