Can’t use iOS wallet


Hello, I recently upgraded to a new phone and restored all the settings from the previous one. When I open my o3 wallet, I can’t click on anything. There’s nothing I can do, it’s like the app is frozen every time I open it. I used the fingerprint scanner on my previous phone as my login, if that helps.



Can you tell us or show us which screen it is stuck on? Is it the login screen?

Also just restoring the app through iCloud etc. will not get you your wallet back. Depending on how you have tried to restore it, you might have to reinstall O3 and input your private key or encrypted key + password to be able to restore your wallet.

Please note that either way, without your private key or encrypted key + password you will not be able to get back in to your wallet.


It’s the screen that asks me to select a wallet to login with. It shows “my o3 wallet” with a little green lock beside it. I can scroll the entire page up and down, but can’t click on anything. I restored it from a backup on my computer. Maybe I’ll have to just reinstall the app like you mentioned.


I see, yes in that case please reinstall. You will still need your private key or encrypted key but I assume you have that somewhere. We need to update the app to give some kind of error message as restoring the app from backup will not restore your wallet for security reasons.


Ok I will do that. Thank you for the help.