Cannot buy NEO in O3 fiat gateway


U.S. New York resident here (not sure if that’s relevant), but when I want to try calculating the fee to buy NEO in the O3 fiat gateway, it never calculates and I cannot click “buy neo”. Is this a known issue or is it because of where I live that I’m restricted?


Hey Justin,

We’re looking into it. Seems strange as it is supposed to work regardless of location.
We’ll keep you updated!

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Any update? Just checking in

Hey, sorry not yet, we’re checking but waiting for further info… Will update asap, sorry for the inconvenience…

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Hi Justin, very sorry but it seems that the liquidity provider accepts payments from the USA except the states listed below:
New York (NY)
Georgia (GA)
Connecticut (CT)
New Mexico (NM)
Hawaii (HI)
Washington (WA)

We should have known this up front, apologies for giving you false hope. I know it’s not of much help but we’ll be working on other, better solutions in the near future for more fiat options.


I’m not surprised. Living in NY, nothing gets past them. Even all the recent assets added to coinbase , we’re barred from getting them.

I was just double checking, thanks for the update.

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