Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Hi I’m new to 03,

And my ong stuck. Here is my address


Hey there.

Am new to 03, great wallet but am stuck with ong.

Here is my address:




Hi.i need a few ong for transfer. Please help me.thanks all. I must wait 100 year to earn 0.1 ONG with 30 ONT :smiley:


Hi there, please send me some ong, i would like to send some ONT. I also have ONG in my wallet to be claimed, but since 2018 never had gotten online again since , and so there is no minimum ONT in my wallet which I can claim with
my address is

Thank you!


Please send for me ong 0.02
Because i wanna for claims my amount
Please send to my address
Thank you for ur service


hi please send me some ong.
addressv is :slight_smile:


ONG from where?

Please send me some ONG



Hi again
I want to send my ont from my owallet to an exchange but it says that I need ong for transferring.
Would you please send me some ong for that.
I am tiered of that procedure. Why is that so complex for doing just a transaction??



I’m not sure about Owallet, we are O3, a separate entity from Ontology with separate applications.
The fact that each transaction costs 0.01 ONG is not for us to decide, unfortunately that’s a decision made by Ontology and out of our hand.

We are giving out ONG to O3 users here that need it for their first claim. If you are an O3 user and have ONT in your O3 wallet but no ONG please send us your address and we can send you some ONG. I checked the previous address you posted here and there is ONG in there, so maybe you can use that.


Hello. I have ONG i wish to claim and here is my address.AKdKbG593hCA8qZfZLnNn8ZhJenUhM4qgw


Hello, please send me some ONG this wallet Adt2rPSQ33cAvk6d8C5nxvqo1Yi2Mg6VTQ


Hi i need some ONG for me to claim. Thanks much


Hi i need some ONG for me to claim. Thanks much


Hello, stuck with the same problem. Thank you in advance.

(An unusual system, if not careful you can get stuck)


I am in need of some and don’t understand why it didn’t post when my ont balance is over 26


Thanks so much for your your help and patience regarding this issue I am most great full to you and your generosity AGjD758igsEMzMy5jYtQKZvpBB125jcGvZ

Soo...when native ONT trading 😁

So how long does it take to get the ong to me at wallet address AGjD758igsEMzMy5jYtQKZvpBB125jcGvZ


You should have some ONG in your wallet now and will be able to claim.


I can’t claim please send


Thank you


Hello Arco at your earliest convenience please send small amount of ONG to below listed new O3 Wallet address so that I may claim ONG earnes from staking ONT I’m O3.