Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Got it Thank You :slight_smile:
I love Crypto - Comunity
Have a nice Weekend Ya`ll


hi this is my address can i please get some ong


Thanks O3 team my ONG wallet address is AH1m1NvjTunw8K8vBTsgLtJ9txoQuFmbnd


Hi, I would like some ONG so that I can claim

Thank you!


Greetings O3 team,

May I have some ONG so that I am able to claim? My address is as follows:

Thank you very much


Hi Arco, requesting for some ONG to be able to make my 1st claim, my wallet address below, much appreciated. thanks



Just sent you some! I notice you also still have NEP5 ONT tokens, please do not forget to make the swap for these, you will have until December.


Here is my address


Thanks, much appreciated


Please send 0.02 ONG so i can claim. Thank you in advance!



Hello, you only have 1 ONT and not nearly enough claimable ONG. Right now you can’t claim as the claimable amount is too small. When you get a bigger amount of ONT and more claimable ONG let us know and we can give you some ONG to claim. Right now your fees to claim would be way more then you will receive so it’s not possible to claim.


Thanks very much arco, just claimed the ONG , you’re a legend


Please try again now…it should work with more ONT, perhaps. I really appreciate it. Once I get this going I can send the 0.02 ONG back to you. Thank you once again for your help and your reply!


I sent you some ONG now, but you probably have to wait a bit longer until your claimable ONG is over 0.02 ONG (so higher than the fees you need to pay). Good luck!


I need help claiming my ONG
Address AT9hvaVo1Eq6MUUXEaU7DJpCdibTmBM9aQ


Hi Arco, requesting for some ONG to be able to make my 1st claim, my wallet address below, much appreciated.


Hello, I see you already have some ONG now. Did you get it from someone and already make the first claim? Or is it still not possible for you to claim?


Hello. Was wondering if I could get some ONG so I can start claiming.

Thank you.


Hey there! I’d like a tad bit of ONG so I can claim it later when it’s worth it.


Dear Sir can pls could you sent me ONG to this address.


Much appreciated.


Hi can I please get some ONG to start staking my ONT? I’ve bought 1,000 ONT on Binance but no ONG available. Thanks