Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


I just bought some ONT on Binance, and created a wallet on O3. Love the UI so far…
Someone please help me to get some ONG :frowning: AJmihiyykgv6Fwt9fD9Yk1vVwCaB8tydCT

Thanks a lot!


Hello, your address seems to be empty. After depositing your ONT into O3 and you have accumulated some claimable ONG please let us know and we can send you some to make your first claim.


Hi, thanks for the reply!
I have sent some ONT to my O3 wallet from Binance. Please help send me some ONG. Appreaciate it!


I just transferred some ONT from Binance to my O3. Now i cant get the ONG >< Can someone help me out by transferring me 0.02 ONT? Thank you in advance!! I really appreciate it!!


Thank you Arco!! You’re the best!!


You’re welcome :grin:


Thanks for your help Arco - here is my address for ONG AN3pv8VxMsgtnQ6koopf9CRnJQZdvMzBTr


Need ong to sync below is my address
Thanks in advance admin


Hi there Arco,

My ont address is: AWYGeAuuVwC5bafU4WRp4fvUsB2kxFmCp3

Please help me to be able to claim ong, I will return to sender after claim.

Thank you so much!


Hey Arco
Any chance of future trading of ONT & ONG on the Switcheo tab? Would’ve gotten my own but not available for trading.
Can u spot me the tx fee for the first claim


Just sent back after claim. Thank you so much for the help, Arco!


Please send me some ONG to start my claiming.

Address:. AZHRB3hzMECZ12rswUutCSKAgx1iBpS4UN




Hello there, whether trading of ONT and ONG will be possible on Switcheo depends on the Switcheo team. I do not think the chance is very high that it happens any time soon. We are looking into an option where you can trade other currencies into ONT and the other way around. For ONG it’s a bit more difficult.

I sent you some ONG by the way :wink:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi. Need some ONG please so I can use my 03 wallet properly. Claim gas etc. AGTznXhM8joE525LX2TixfT3xGzU5631eo thanks


I need ONG to claim my ONG airdrop from O3
this is my add


Thanx for the swift reply. And got u back on the spot


Can I get some ONG so I can make a claim. Thanks

Here is my address AKKJyDT78Kxnyymr4uAvTFdpaiHFwQ6XxE


I think you already got some ONG now?


Could you please send me some ong so I can makes my first claim. Thank you!