Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Hello Sir,
Would be grateful if you could send me some ONG


Thank you.

Merry Christmas!


My sincerest gratitude and thanks to whoever can send me a bit of ONG.




Hi Can you help me claim ONG? my wallet : AcC6pDgXAAXT7Y5sPHpvucRCpztRRKc6gN


Hi, I have some unbound ONG in my wallet. Both my ONT and ONG have (M) next to them, and I can’t claim my ONG. Here is my wallet address
I’m worried my ONT hasn’t been swopped on to the mainnett, but not sure how to do this. Or was this done automatically in the O3 wallet? I saw an article saying the end of this month was the cutoff for mainnett swop. Bit confused…


Hey there, your ONT is safely swapped to the mainnet already, most likely it was already mainnet the moment you bought it. I just sent you some ONG, so you should be able to claim now.


Hi there, thanks for the ONG, was able to claim my unbound ONG which is now showing. However I’m still bit concerned about my ONT. When I click on “token details” for my NEO, GAS and other tokens I have it shows “your position” and shows how many tokens I have and their dollar value, but when I try this with my Ontology tokens, it shows nothing. Also I tried the “sell” page, even though I didn’t want to sell, i have currently only 90 ONT, but it wouldn’t let me put more than 9 or more than one number in box for amount wanting to sell. This is why I’m still concerned that my ONT is not on the mainnett yet, or am I wrong? Thanks in advance for your help! I bought my ONT quite a long time ago on Binance before moving into the O3 wallet and wasn’t aware of the mainnett happening at all earlier this year…


You have nothing to worry about. You can input your address on and on there only mainnet tokens show up. I checked yours and they are mainnet tokens.


Hello Sir,

I would be most grateful if you could send me some ONG of which I have none to claim ONG.


Thank you, Mr Arco!

Merry Christmas and Good Tidings!


Please help. This transaction is so confusing. I would really appreciated if someone can help. Thanks, guys.



Thank you so much, Arco!!


Hi I cant claim ong. Can you send me some? I have read the topics and will wait as long as possible to claim.

My adress: AUkBNdYQgBua2e1x36C3ZxV5bLuH1dehsM


Can I please have some ONG? My address is AFuqr4PmZih1CyxHQ1sYkPXAw5YHpzxixw


Respectfully request a initial ONG to be able to claim pending gas. Thank you so much.



Hello, can I please have some ONG? I have lots of pending gas that I am not able to claim. Thanks in advance!



Thank you, @arco !



Please look it up, try to claim ong since 2 days


Hi to Ontology community I have ONT in my o3wallet but require 0.01 ONG gas to claim my gas and be able to send my ONT.

If possible can you send 0.01 to get me started which would be really appreciated.

Wallet address: AXmT1qBWTvzu434eBrVGx9VwvPhLCZapA6




Thanks to O3 wallet unlocking my wallet with 0.01 gas. Merry Christmas to the devs that keep the o3 wallet up to date.




Merry Christmas to you too! :santa:


Ong AeFZYmmr33jPv6Pg1E4FgJrrgGjmhy7RrD thank.