Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Respectfully request a initial ONG to be able to claim pending gas and move ont. Thank you so much.



You already seem to have more than enough ONG, so you can claim and send transactions without problems.


Thank you so much.


I have bought a little more.thank you :))


Been having this same exact problem with my ONG, please help! Thank you, O3.



Hi everyone, i also need a small amount of ONG.
Would much appreciate anyone who can send a little. Thanks :slight_smile:


Almost forgot the address haha. Cheers!


Requesting Initialization ONG



Good day Arco, my I please request some ONG to make a claim? My wallet address is: AW9aqD1aeVYQ36swoLHQ5UiU2LvTePJGtz

Thank you in advance for your assistance


Thanks a lot. Good Karma all around. Cool to see. :wink:


You are the man Arco! Thanks again!


for ong claim, thank you!



Hello kind Sir, I am requesting some ONG to start my claim process. Much abliged. Please and thank you. You guys are awesome!! And thank you for replying to my question yesterday.

Here is my address:


ATLUYqofYVrTZuMyYPNnZyo7JQVqPMMU5m hello i can’t claim my ong


ATLUYqofYVrTZuMyYPNnZyo7JQVqPMMU5m please answer me i can’t claim ong


Hello can someone please send me the ONG I need to start claiming my ONG? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! Here I’d my wallet address:


thank you!


Hi Please check mine I’m not able to claim ONG.
My address:


Thank you for helping here is my address so I can claim


Haii… I can’t claim my ONG… Can u send some ONG for me to do first claim… Here my address