Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


already tried to claim with my ONT but it has disapeared. is it gone forever?


Hello, you only made the swap from NEP5 ONT to Mainnet ONT just now. This means you have to wait another week or so to receive the Mainnet ONT. If you have any questions about this please contact the Ontology team.

After you have received your ONT we can give you some ONG to start claiming.


Thank you for this :). I hope to receive some ONG so i can claim also AWV6sLAxDtSDjYQ9SkbqQmmvoMALDyCEZU


Thank you to you or whoever sent ONG to me. Thank you guys for having great support!! Happy New year!


You’re welcome! Happy new year to you too! :tada:


Hello Arco,

Can I please receive ONG to the following address?

Much appreciated. Happy New Year.


Need ong to this address. I have been trying to claim for a bit


another ONG please



Hi Arco,

I am experiencing the same issue as the users above. I cannot claim nor transfer any ONT/ONG as I don’t have any ONG in the first place.

My address is: ALK36NJsHB5pZs7Dn3jc9GMeds8Ew8pUVg

Thank you and a happy new year!

Kind regards.


Hello could you please send it to my account. I can not claim ong.




Hi Arco,

Sincerely appreciated for the fast support! Thank you!


Hello, cant claim my ong, please send to my address ARrWXrRvaHUMtWL6fiuVW9MvmtvVjTPoqk


aha its in. now i just have to wait for the ONG to go up to a reasonable value to claim. I thought i lost my ONT but now i see it in my wallet. YAY :smiley:


Thank you sooo Much!!! This helped out. I couldnt buy my ong anywhere. Now i can stake my ont


Dear Arco

Please send a little ONG to me so I can also get started🙏


Hello Arco,

I am experiencing the same issue as the users above in not being able to claim my initial ONG.
Can I please receive ONG to the following address?


Much appreciated. Happy New Year and may our wishes of an epic bull run be granted this year :).




My ong address


Hello, I sent you some ONG, but your claimable amount is so small that it’s not worth claiming a second time. You will probably have to wait a couple of weeks to get any significant amount of ONG, but after claiming once you should see the balance going up.


Hi I’m having the same issue. Wallet full of ONT with no way to send because I can’t claim my unbound ong


Thanks in advance


Hi i cannot claim my ONG, please help me out…
Wallet adress is: