Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


hi there !
I am unable sent ONT, i have sufficient ong as well, and now the ong has also stop producing gas, please update. thanks


Maybe you have enough claimable ONG but not enough actual ONG in your wallet. Can you post your address so we can have a look?


How do I make a post to claim ONG to get started? My address is AUhhsPJD2H8WRfzFuFbZjSeUrgDqmV1WQF

Thank you.


I just sent you some ONG, should be able to claim now :wink:


Awesome. Thank you.


Hi, I would like to claim my ONG please:




Hello, need ONG to claim my ONG please, thanks!



Hi Arco,
Am facing the same problem still, unable send but my desktop o3 wallet I have sync and it shows 0.3 plus ong and unable to claim.
Thanks awaiting.


Hello, can you send us your address? Then we can have a look and send you some ONG.


Hi there,
Find below my address



My address is AYoNxcDcSZEU5cKH16KLeLTxtNuwpndoDS. … Please help as unable to Claim ONG. Thanx in advance.


Ong request



Hi, Here is my address. Thank you very much.



In the O3 mobile app, I have ONT and I can not pick up the generated ONG.
Generated ONG is frozen. / I have 0.13… ONG /.
Address my wallet:
Thank you, Petr F.


Hi good day,

Since my last ONG withdrawal on 05-01-19, i received about 27 ONG on my ONT until this date 19-01-19. There was no “claim” button since a couple of weeks but i was still receiving ONG. So i transferred some ONG to my account to see if the button would come alive again. Well it did, but it’s not recognising the 27 ONG anymore. Those are gone and now instead it says 5.7 ONG. Thats not possible considered the amount of ONT that is in the wallet and the time it’s been staking. Could you pls check why this happened. Thank you very much in advance!



hi i have two addresses and didnt realize how the ong and ont system works. i would be grateful for the help.


Same problem than everyone here. Unable to claim ONG nor transfer ONT out.
Here is my address
Thanks in advance


Hi there, I also saw your email on support. It might look like the claimable amount is only 5.7 but after you claim you will see the rest of the ONG. To get this you will need to claim a second time. I wasn’t able to use the address in your email to check as it was missing one character but this one worked. Please try to claim once and you will see the rest!


Thank you Arco, i just replied to your mail. I will try it right now.


Yes it worked! Thank you for your very quick reply! Amazing support…!