Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Stuck as well!




Hello -
I am having the same issue. No ONG balance so preventing me from claiming.


Thank you!


No ONG either for sending.


Many thanks


Hello Sir,

Can You Please Send Some ONG To This Address



Legends! Thanks so much, I am so grateful. I now have it sorted.


Is my address, can not claim my ONT. Thank you in advance for answering. Best regards from The_Vast_Majority


Is it possible to have ONG sent to my address so I can start claiming my ONG. My address is AKrFSLLVfFGKB4H5Y2eEXsvDGxcMh3KhNN Thank you so much.


Stuck for my first claim as well



Pls help me claim my first ong


Omg. Thanks very much for the help!


ONG amount stuck.
Claim button stuck.
Not enough to claim anyway.



Hello Friends,
I understand you will supply ONG to “prime the pump” for people to claim their ONG?
I have 178 ONT at

I’d be happy to return the ONG after using, if you provide an Address.

Thank you


I wish I had known about this problem before I set up my wallet…oh well! Trying to stake but need the initial 0.02 ONG to unlock my unbound ONG. Here’s my address: AX1iQtHP1xNTbLpeT6XKKXgCQbhivfRyLV

Thank you for taking the time to do this and help people out. I’m glad this thread exists. Happy to repay, obviously.


Hi Arco, requesting for some ONG to be able to make my 1st claim, my wallet address below, much appreciated. thanks



Hi Arco, I’m requesting some ONG to be able to make my 1st claim, below is my address, thanks!



Hi I’m new to 03,

And my ong stuck. Here is my address


Hey there.

Am new to 03, great wallet but am stuck with ong.

Here is my address:




Hi.i need a few ong for transfer. Please help me.thanks all. I must wait 100 year to earn 0.1 ONG with 30 ONT :smiley:


Hi there, please send me some ong, i would like to send some ONT. I also have ONG in my wallet to be claimed, but since 2018 never had gotten online again since , and so there is no minimum ONT in my wallet which I can claim with
my address is

Thank you!


Please send for me ong 0.02
Because i wanna for claims my amount
Please send to my address
Thank you for ur service