Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


hello, I need some ong to collect gas! please can someone send me 0.02 ong !! I will send you back too! many thanks ! my address: AdEaLmBfeA784YXPGWDhCc5cZ4ygAp26dH


Hi, please help. Address ARd2hfse6m1ZC63kuGR5FN1oytQHEH7XGy


I am growing very frustrated and have been waiting for a solution to this problem.
Wish i had never downloaded this OWallet!

Please let me free my ONT, I have 4.6 ONG that I’m unable to claim.



Thank you @arco. Can I return it to the same address I received it from?


That’s very nice of you, the same address is fine, thank you! :slight_smile:


Hallo zou je mij ONG willen sturen, mijn adres is

Alvast bedankt. Djprot


Komt eraan :+1:


please can you send me little ong for to be able to claim my gas …i pay you back what you send
ty very much


please i need gas to be able claim my gas ong ty


Could you please send me some ONG so I can makes my first claim.
My address is:


Bedankt alvast,



:+1: thanks super!


Thanks, received 0.04


Same problem i encountered claiming ong… also not able to tranfer ont to other wallet due to zero ong balance on my wallet. please send ok initial ong for me to pay rhe fees…

Address below:


Thank you


Thank you it works now…


Hi! can i have a little bit of ONG?
thank you very much


Hi, can I request some ONG for claiming?

My address is:




Please you help and send some ONG to this address:


Many thanks.



can someone help me out need to send my ont and then claim ong. Thanks in advance!



Same here! I like the wallet but i can’t redeem or send because i have no ONG yet. Would someone please help me out? Will send it back plus tip.
my adress:



Would someone please help and send me ONG for my first claim.
Thank you very much. Vidoalt