Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Please help me to claim my ONG , yesterday I opened a O WALLET and proceed to transfer 2 ONT into the new wallet , I received it with no problem , so I sent the rest of my ONT from my KUCOIN wallet , and then proceed to try and swap them into ONG ,it said I do not have enough ONG TO MAKE TRANSACTION . I got a little paranoid so I decide to just send them back to kucoin , but they would not allow that because I did not have any ONG . I do need help …I have a neon wallet but with 2 airdrops in it . but most important is trying to swap ONT to ONG , THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP . THIS IS MY ADDRESS FOR MY O WALLET AcmKVBU4b1chsYCUk53pppuHS5bFXmebzy . I have never done this before and would appreciate any help. thank you


Here is my address ,AcmKVBU4b1chsYCUk53pppuHS5bFXmebzy thank you for help


Here is my address, can you please send me some ONG, need it to transfer my ONT AJ8uie8Qm22Ukvz8VLdwmKZ8WGrVyWCMCN


Thankyou, this may help as ONT shows in may asset list though shows $0 when I open it (ONT). Also when I open ONT off the list it states Ontology NEP 5 token. Sent ONT from Binance on the 24/8/18, I’d like to confirm I have ONT mainnet.


Just found the thread and O3 , finally was able to locate my ONT ! Thank you , but like the others I cannot claim my ong in order to send or receive my ONT :frowning: please can you send me ONG to

much appreciated thanks


Here is my address:


Hoping this solves the issue. Thank you.


Hi, thanks for helping me out!!

My address is: AVqk2otJf1da4p9UGB3yuFP6PTDaBh9hRL

Keep up the good work!



Thank you …got it and it worked !!! Finally now I can enjoy ONT !!!


Hi, I am also having the problem of not being able to claim ong or move ont because i do not have any ong!
If it is not too much trouble, could I also be able to receive a minimal amount of ONG to be able to move around / claim ?

Thank you!

address: Af1nCbfuqB6pRtmuV7oXJnRYtPio9535Q9


thank you!!!


Hi mate, Can send ONG to this Address please AdiheCQ2wTCTDRxmdwQkG2GQE7PfwK9nAD

I was claiming ONG like NEO Gas, I dint know until I read your blog.



Thank you very much! I sent you some back so it didn’t cost you anything :smile:


Please send to me



Thank you :smiley:


I can’t claim my ONG, could somebody help me out with a small amount of ONG? I will send it back once I can claim!

Thank you so much

My address is:AdiheCQ2wTCTDRxmdwQkG2GQE7PfwK9nAD


We sent you some ONG :slight_smile:


Cheers mate.


Hello, same as others, can’t claim with 0 ONG balance. Much appreciated!

I will send back .02 :grin:


Can you please send Ong?


Sent some ONG guys :wink: