Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


you guys are awesome thanks again!


Here is my address


Thank you so much


I see you already got some now and were able to claim!


Hello. Can I also ask for a bit of ONG to my address?
Thank you :blush:



I need some ong to make my first transaction. Could you please send some to the below address.


Thanks in advance


Hi, same story need some ONG to claim.
My adress is: AQkpLof1HZsT99cf6rKPiQAJZ7tUyxBYk1

Thanks for the nice O3 wallet btw


My O3 wallet is no working since I downloaded the app. It seems that the ONG or GAS are not accumulating. I wasted few months here… My wallet address is AY4j5q2Ck4pJREJW4c6wxvREA9diajg9YB - thank you.


Hey I won’t love some ONG so I can claim and send my ONT please ARxD7zs42hh1y1j2BXDmnxFhGgLDyTqS1P
Thanks you please :slight_smile:


Here is my address: AaKjxDxmd1hUr3VPZJUbAsc51RDYJmU3YU

Thank you!


Hello, it was accumulating so you didn’t waste anything. I sent you some ONG, so now you can claim whatever was built up.


Please help me . Here is my address




Here is my address


Thank you so much


Can you please send me some ONG.


Thank you so much.


Cannot claim ONG, not generating ONG and cannot send ONT



Hi Arco, first post here and want to congratulate O3 team for making this app so seamless in it’s functionality and integration with switcheo exchange that I am doing my all trading through this app. And the experience is unmatchable. Also moved all my ONT here but couldn’t claim ong then found this article. Can I have some ong sent to my wallet address AKXNHyNPU6NLyCst6LjikUZ6kXu8qPYTWi. Appreciated


I need some ong to make a transfer to my ledger. Thanks



Thank you, we’re happy to hear that :smiley:
Sent you some ONG, hope that works!


Thank you Arco, the help is much appreciated. Now will wait for some real ong number there to use this gift. The app news section is an awesome feature that gives real inside and a glance of important events to be aware of and happenings in neo world. Can we have a section on Airdrops news also to enlighten us of the ongoing or coming Airdrops in neo world. Will be great addition.



I would love some ong cant send


In my wallet I have Ont when I click ont to the ont icon it send me to the public 03 and it shows zero for my balance? It does dont do that with my neo can someone explain plus how can i claim my ong it reads unbound?