Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Hello just created a O3 wallet transferred my ONT into it but figured out I will not be able to claim my ONG.
My wallet address is: AbMLVhP6G4H7x1mew4CZ9uAa8d5xvTTCzh


Need ONG for transaction.

My address:



Please send : AbVPiDiTFjy7yGgQGfQZ4BTJvdjqXKtKgo


The link to the token detail screen could be a bit off sometimes, it might link to the NEP5 token instead of the Ontology mainnet token. That’s why it shows 0. But it will be fixed soon, and we will remove the NEP5 ONT token at the end of the month anyway when the token swap finishes.

Regarding the ONG claim, I think you made it work already looking at your balance, but if you want to read more about it please check this post:


You don’t have any ONT in this address. If you have an address holding ONT but no ONG we can send you some just so you can make your first claim.


Hello ARCO,

Could you please send ONG to O3 account below so that I will be able to claim ONG related to my ONT holdings.Thanks



Hello Arco. I have brand new O3 wallet, but no ONG so I cannot claim ONG.
Please help me with the 0.02 ong.
Wallet adress is: AW8hdHZbJ2vkggef967vgEKWJtFzSx9x8A


Please send my Ong : AGUeaggkqwAPFgqPWF1tzix2LVXHi2ZBhP


Here is my address ,AJfBCAwjkghAthcrW6hoWuajySfDDt8nYZ thank you for helping me!


Why can’t I see more ong ?


You should be able to see a claimable balance now of about 0.092 ONG. When you click sync and then claim you can receive it. Just be aware you have to pay 0.02 ONG in fees.


Hi can you please send ONG. So I can claim and actually use my ONT, thanks.



The same problems here can’t claim ong



I’m unable to send ont from my O3 wallet. My address is: APB2jstMyP1tk6PMRqpLLKYNDtLqGgtwzU

I also like to abort a transaction that have been pending four two days now, since no ong, how do i do that?




I’m new using your platform (slick design and nice IOS layout btw) and using the ONT blockchain, I apparently have some ONG to claim and need a minimum amout to perform the operation, could I get some ONG on my address?


Much Appreciated.


Hello O3 Team,

thanks for setting up this amazing app. Could I kindly ask you for a ONG donation to claim the first batch of ONG?


THanks so much!!


Hi Can Someone Send Some Ong Please
I will send back once i can claim
thank you in advance if someone does


Forgot that sending ont costs too, and lost my ONT by sending to aphellion wallet from my o3 wallet, double loss. Can I have fractional Ong to claim ong please. AKXNHyNPU6NLyCst6LjikUZ6kXu8qPYTWi
Will appreciate lots.


Könnten sie mir vielleicht weiter helfen kann ONG nicht beanspruchen.Vielen Dank im voraus.


I can not claim ONG, too.
Thank you very much for your help in advance: