Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


Can you send me 0.01 ONT so I can claim my tokens?

Address: AVdDvkFn4Jem6Z3xRZcDfADAuZqdDDLr5S


Hello Arco, Can you please send me some ONG. Thank you much in advance


Hi. My address is AWpr8hLbKujMXW7uSvgWoZyDR9kwApZfsy
Would you please send 0.02 ONG to me?
Thanks a lot!



Kindly send ong … I haven’t been able to claim for some time now


Thank you Team O3 Labs for the ONG


Abu1LS5k6gCbjhw2xeuyMVqgTmuWxERFU9 thank you o3


Here is my address


Thank you so much


Hi please can i have ONG too ?! Thank you very much AXgSwTZs2hxceytH6HjQUc3G4xDyhWWG7m


Hello, this address seems to be empty. If you have ONT in your wallet but no ONG then send me the address and we can give you some ONG.



Would you mind sending some ONG over?


Hi…Could you please send me some ONG so I can start claiming my ONG. AQk1bEhjKqZrPUBEf45yPAjrrEp17udPMz
Thank You.


Could you please send me also 0.02 ONG so I can claim?
Thank you!


Thanks guys


Hey could you please send ONG to this address. thanks!



Need some ONG! APeedmjPtvmKSzZwz4Fzneoa6UepL8VwXw


Hi Arco,
I really appreciated if u can send me a little bit of your ONG
Thanks in advance !


Hello Arco,
I’m also trying to map my ONT NEP-5 Tokens. Unfortunalely I send my ONT NEP-5 Tokens from my NEO Wallet to my O3 Wallet on my iphone, but I cannot swap them. There is an error message that says that the transaction cannot be made. I think it’s because I don’t have ONG (Ontology gas). Could you please send me 0.02 ONG to my O3 Wallet please?

My Address is: ASRLNDrQrsDqMExsF7FVvdQmpYyN3pd6Vp

Thank you very much,



Hello, you won’t need ONG to do the swap, because ONG can only be used on the mainnet, and before the swap your tokens are still on the NEO blockchain. The reason you get the error message is because there’s been a few issues with the servers. We’re working on it and at the time of writing this everything seems to be working again. It might be unstable for a bit but please try again every hour or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Please can you send to AMVGKSRipGSR5VwrfzWR1u7F3rJfncaXwq so I can claim.



I tried again but there’s still an error message: “something went wrong. Please try again later”. I have to do the swap today otherwise I will lose my ONT…
When I try to send my tokens to another wallet, I get the same error message.
What shall I do?
Thank you,