Cannot claim ONG? Want to request ONG? Check this topic


I will send you a PM.


No ONG, my adres --> AKHFHuCogxQtF41pGo2U7sidZKR6uGUVU3


Hi, you don’t have any ONT either. We can give you some ONG if you have an address with ONT but no ONG to make a claim.


some droplets would be appreciated AJHjq1yPs7foqP66yQtXD3bcJvzo1h7N5C


Hi Arco how are you? I appreciate you sending the .01 to us o3 wallet users. I will send you back the .01… my address is


Thank you very much!



I would like to claim ONG.
Wallet address: AVVjv86NmQChCp123pvq1xaH2uXwTuzvd6

Thank you very much!

R. Hoogendijk


The .01 ong needed to claim*


I have 2 wallets. My original wallet and my second address that has my second airdrop. Both address’ have claimable ONG but of course cannot be redeemed. Is it possible to have ONG sent to both?? please and thank you.

AZ4YaRTeaDuRjmr6Wn9Tpq5c6USVpFwr1k Regular Wallet

AWkmjxs8TPXcpNoAFMdgUfMaBdbCTq2BYX Airdrop Wallet


Hi, can you send some ONG to: AbWATLC6Pk6aA9uXQnVwriLmEadnieiwVh

Thanks in advance


Hi can you send some ong here ? AZBMg2zYZmpFa5ucDUv6KrQhTZ6TKA9x8B


Please send ONG to AME3mLG2bz5A2ZvWTxhGQ2MDFBZUbkVsct

Thanks in advance!


Good job Sir



Could you please send ONG to AbTKYe3hgwAupVHsxKwkYWbdzeNWG47Cjb

So that i can claim my ONG.

Thanks in advance!


AJvmtaRK9rgH7HTC2xrSMNPQMY8ZVESSxb hi same issue i can’t claim my ONG


Same issue - Cant claim the ONG and its not solid anywhere really : (



Can I please get some ONG so I can claim?
My address is:



Hi there ,

Could you please send me as well ? i couldnt claim as well :frowning:

My wallet address : Acv2MUEsQnn7BJX7xydRfu9SBLMEcreM3E


Could I please get some help as well? My address is: AR8jzqJVVdGZ5Xu9FjW98PSaeh2aJshm2J



Thank you.


G’day all, I have had the same issue and i saw a YT channel leading me here gladly as i like good communities.Am i still able to request a little ONG for my wallet? AaoPQjUuHLUS6Kks3KGNBDfPyJe6QGeafp

TYVM O3 Team