Cannot claim ONG


Dear Team
I Transferred ONT to O3 Wallet but i cannot do anything beacuse i dont have ONG to pay transaction fees. Please help me if anyone can send me ong on my wallet

i can return them ONT. Please help me anyone


could someone please help me out? can’t redeem or send because i have no ONG yet. .
All I need is 0,1 ONG
my adress:


Will send it back plus tip


I think you already got some ONG looking at your account! Let me know if you still face any issues.


Hello, so I have accumulated 0.07 ONG in my O3 wallet, but I still do not have the sync or claim button showing up? It says that I should have at least 0.01 ONG for transaction fees, but I have more than that… How come I am not able to claim the ONG? is there some minimum balance I should have??


I replied to you in the other topic, so will close this one.

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