Cannot Send NEO or GAS : Transfer not accepted, wait and try again

For several hours now, I can not send NEO or GAS.

Ver 3.4.4. I get the error message of, “Transfer not accepted, wait and try again.”

Why do we get this message and why has no one been notified of it?

What is going on?

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same thing here, cannot transfer any NEO to other adresses, keep on getting this message after attempts to transfer NEO

Same here, my funds are stucked and i connot mint rush. This is very badly managed.

So its not just me.
This is unacceptable.
Its the FIRST time ive ever used a wallet, for the mint rush, but CANT send anything out of it.
I sent it from my NEON wallet, which works.
Im SO glad i tested it first or id be screwed.
Otherwise, this is ridiculous. And NO notice was sent out that there would be any kind of maintenance.

And to not have any sort of communication from the devs and only using a forum like this is just unacceptable.

I should have read here first before doing anything as this wallet has a history of people not being able to send funds.

And there’s no telling when support is going to respond.

I was able to send funds, by the way, you can contact support via email, but you know it will take few days to wait for a response and actually resolve the issue. This wallet is buggy, sometimes the site I’m interacting with sees my wallet, sometimes not, sometimes I can wrap and unwrap my NEO , sometimes not, so it doesn’t work properly, but the site that I’m using for NEO staking only accepts this wallet and the other one which is buggy too and has a score of 3/5 in Chrome webstore and a lot of reported bugs

Both wallets (NEOLINE and O 3 wallet) have medium to low scores as I, too, have seen them.

My issue is that the O 3 wallet has been out for what…like 3 years now?
And they are STILL having these type of issues?

You would think that certain recurring issues would have been resolved by now.

I have tried numerous times to send NEO out of the 03 Network using Nano X. I keep getting this message: " error: There was an error signing this transaction. Please make sure you have the correct Ledger app open." I don’t have my private key. Are these NEO recoverable.

which version do you use?

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