Cannot transfer with Ledger Nano X

Hi there,

I just received my Ledger Nano X. I set it up and wanted to use it with O3 Wallet. I can see the balances of my Ledger NEO address perfectly, but I seem to be unable to create a new transfer. In the first dialog I input an address, in the second I input an amount (e.g. GAS), and on third dialog there is a “send” button. When I click on that, nothing happens… No confirm dialog on my Ledger or whatever. How is this supposed to work?

Everything does work with Ledger Live and with Neon wallet (to which I switched now). But I wanted to report here to see if more people have this.


Edit: I use latest O3 wallet + latest Ledger firmware + latest Neo Ledger app.

we update the latest version of the desktop on our website (3.6.2).
Thanks for your report!