Cannot unlock Wallet



I have just installed O3 Desktop wallet for W10 after recommendation from dyassab on Ontology Discord.
First impression, it is awesome, almost perfect, a bit slow to scan addresses from Ledger Nano S but thanks to option of providing address manually it wasn’t a big issue.
Problem is, that after I have setup both my NEO and ONT Wallets there is no way of unlocking them!?! Obviously without unlocking wallet I cannot perform actions such as ONT token swap etc.
Furthermore after closing app it does not seem to matter if Ledger is connected at all, I can still see balances on both of my Wallets but I still cannot unlock them (after connecting Ledger and starting Neo/Ontology App).
Can you please help?!?


Hey there,

Thank you for using O3 desktop!

If your connecting your ledger, and you have already imported your wallet, then it should show up like this:
Now this is all ok, it’s ‘unlocked’ like that, you just need the ledger to sign all transactions that you want to make. So for example if you have NEP5 ONT tokens and want to perform the ONT token swap, you just open the NEO app on ledger, click the ‘Token Swap’ beneath your NEP5 ONT, and when sending the tokens you will be asked to sign the transaction with your ledger.
The same goes for ONT mainnet, if you want to claim ONG or want to send ONT from your ledger address all you have to do is open the ONT app on ledger, then at the send stage you will have to sign your transaction.

Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem. Maybe posting a screenshot would help in that case :wink: You can also email it to if you prefer that.

Will there be an o3 wallet update that will support the owallet ledger addresses before the token swap ends?

I have removed both O3 wallets (NEO and ONT) and added it again, this time by selecting from the list of scanned addresses from the Ledger. Works like a treat. I have added NEO Address without any problems as it was the very first address on the list however I am not able to add my ONT Address. Scanning of the Addresses is SUPER slow. I’ve left Ledger connected to my laptop for almost an hour which returned a list of about 40-60 (maybe more) Addresses but I could not find amongst them the one I was after. After a while scanning gets so slow that it seems to get stuck completely. Even scrolling the list is laggy (stopping for 2-3 seconds every few items).
As it stands now I can only add my ONT Address manually but then things like token swap etc are not available as account is locked.
If scanning of Addresses cannot be faster then surely it should be possible to add Address manually and unlocking Wallet by connecting Ledger and starting corresponding App (let it be NEO or ONT)?!?


That doesn’t work because you cannot just add addresses manually, it has to come from the ledger because the private key etc. is stored in there.

I assume that your ONT wallet is a wallet created on OWallet? They have a different address scheme that does not support NEO so we had to go with the existing NEON wallet address scheme so we can support both NEO and ONT. What you can do now, is just log in to Owallet with ledger, and then send all your funds to your NEO address that you used on NEON. If you really want to have a seperate address for NEO and Ontology you can also just create a second wallet with ledger (empty one from the list) and send the funds there from Owallet.

Regarding the loading of the ledger addresses, that is being worked on. But you wouldn’t need more than 40 in most cases I assume and going from 1 on NEON to 40-60 is already a big move forward I think :wink:


Classic Catch 22. Yes, I did create ONT account using OWallet. This wallet does not show any ONT balance (almost a week after I sent my ONT tokens there). O3 wallet shows the balance and gives me an option to do token swap but I cannot unlock this wallet using ledger so I am stuck. What am I supposed to do now?!?

Forgive my ignorance but is unlocking wallet (after supplying address manually) something you are planning to add in a very near future?!?


Wait, are you talking about ONT NEP5 tokens? Or mainnet tokens? It sounds like you are talking about NEP5 tokens but I thought you were talking about Mainnet tokens.
Can you give me the address? I think your problem is a bit more complicated then.


I was worried you may say that :frowning:

Right, so I have a mixture of ONT tokens. I have some mainnet tokens (sent from Binance about a week ago) in Neo Wallet, these shows correct in your lovely app (O3 Desktop Wallet). I still need to figure out how to claim ONG but thats a separate topic (guess I need ONG to claim … ONG … very “clever” setup) :slight_smile:

I also have some NEP5 tokens which I have sent from my Neon Wallet to my new ONT Wallet (OWallet, account created using Ledger). These do now show at all in OWallet. They do show fine in your lovely app (O3 Desktop Wallet) but since I cannot unlock my wallet I cannot swap them.

I dont have my ONT Address at hand and I am away (client site) at the moment, I can send it in the evening?!? When I lookup this address using ONT scan I cant see any balance. I can see details of the transaction using NEO scan (it went to correct Address, well, obviously it has since your app can see it fine).

I have only ever used Ledger to authenticate therefore I have no private keys for neither NEO or ONT accounts…

Help (pretty please) :slight_smile:


Hi again,

I’m sorry but then I have some bad news :frowning_face:
Unfortunately OWallet is not supporting NEP5 tokens, which is why they don’t show up for you there.
And since they have a different address scheme specific for ONT, it can also not be taken out of your ledger with the O3 app as we have an address scheme that works with both NEO and ONT. This causes a different set of addresses to show up when connecting your ledger on O3 and on OWallet.

From what I know, Ontology is trying to find a solution, and I’m sure they will. Until that moment, I’m afraid we cannot help you on our side either as this is out of our hands and on the Owallet side…



I have the wallet locked too. Are there any updates on this problem?


Nah. Went through all possible support platforms but my tokens are still in the limbo. O3 basically suggested contracting Ontology. I have been in touch with Ontology on Twitter and Telegram and apparantely their devs are aware of that issue and are “discussing” some kind of a solution…


We are working with Ontology and Ledger, and we hope to be able to offer a solution in a week or two max. Keep an eye on Ontology and our social media accounts for updates.


I have exactly the same problem as @michael79. Can not unlock the wallet with O3.

A sollution could be to extract the private key from the ledger Nano S like it you can do it with this tool for NEO:

Is this possible for ONT addresses, too?


Kind-of defeats purpose of using ledger in first place but yeah, I guess it may be our only option.
It’s already 14th and Ontology did not provide a solution but at the same time they keep reminding us of 1st of October deadline. Getting rather annoyed to be honest. I get that tools might have to mature butt support that scenario (they should have anticipate it) but at the very least Ontology should offer us automatic swap or grace period…


I have exactly the same problem as @michael79 and @noby74. Can not unlock the wallet with O3.
The recovery tool doesn’t work either since the OWallet address is not on the list.
I hope someone comes up with a solution before October 1.


Guys, voice out your frustrations on Ontology Telegram (@OntologyNetwork), hopefully if more of us will come forward they will give this issue more of a priority…


Again about that BIP39 Recovery: We would probably just need to change the value of the “coin” which is “888” for NEO with another value. But where do we get that value from?


Ok I found a way to extract the private key for the ONT Wallet!!!

Use the website For security reasons download it to your local hardrive and disconnect from the internet or use it on an offline computer.

Enter your Ledger Nano S Seed Words seperated with spaces in the field “BIP39 Mnemonic”. Change Coin from 888’ (NEO) to 1024’ (ONT).

Click “Find WIF”

It should look like this after: (The seed words are just an example :-))

After that you will see many Addresses with their private keys. For me the first one was the right Address.

With the private key you can unlock your wallet with “add wallet” in O3 Desktop and make the token swap.
Add Wallet Screen in O3:

If this helped you feel free to donate something to my NEO Address AUkK3m247nmeyu8gXHPFSv8m5WtCbDcnCq


Though we appreciate you posting a solution, we do not recommend extracting your private key from your ledger as it poses a security risk. If you do choose to do this, please make sure to completely reset your ledger, reinstall everything and create new addresses to store your funds.


Yes still you can do it in a sensible way:
I did it on my old laptop I play old games on that is not connected to the internet it doesn’t even have wlan. I copied the website over on an usb stick then copied the private key on the usb stick and used it in O3 on my daily computer.

I don’t even care if someone gets this private key as this wallet is empty now. If I was really paranoid I would destroy the hard drive of the offline laptop now but then it seems I am not that paranoid :slight_smile: I don’t have an “Aluhut” like we say in Germany.


Hi Arco, I wonder if you can send me in the right direction. I bought a fair amount of ONTOLOGY awhile back. Just had it put on my NEON wallet along with other NEO tokens. I just had a problem with my Nano S. Long story but the short of it was I needed to “Restore a configuration” which would mean I would not loose my private key. When I rebooted and went on NEON wallet, its not there. NOTHING. I have a record of course of my public key address, the last one, but NOT the private key because that is what I assumed was safely stored in my Ledger Nano S. Freaks me out. I contacted Ledger support and they were helpful getting me through the details of the process, but when I told them I lost everything, they just stopped communicating. Strange to me.
Anyhow I am trying to see if I can get it in another way. I just downloaded the Owallet (O3?) on my Mac. I wanted to see if I could access my NEO tokens through ONT. I did not initially sign in with the Ledger option of sign in. I just wanted to see if what I have was seen. It was. I do now have a NEW Ledger Blue with the same 24 phrase password that were on my Ledger Nano S, I am using the new Ledger LIVE. Now I am going back in to sign into Owallet with my Ledger Blue and it is NO longer allowing that option. ? I dont know why. Any suggestions? I am aware of that I have less than a month now to get my ONTO off my NEON wallet. Thanks