Cannot unlock Wallet


Please use these guides and try again!



Thank to the second guide, I created an ONT address not locked but I have some ONT (in another address) still locked because O3 Wallet requires the Ledger private key. Do I have to extract the private key to unlock my ONT?



No it does not require the private key for your ledger. I think you added the wallet address the wrong way. Please delete the wallet, and follow this guide to add it. Make sure you do not put in the address manually, but select ledger, then select from the list, give it a name and then click create. If you just input your address it will not work.


Thank to answer me.

Now, I have the wallet unlocked but I can’t complete the swap because I get this message using the ONT app on Ledger: “Transfer not accepted. Please make sure you have the correct Ledger app open”.
If I open the NEO app on Ledger the error changes: “There was an error signing this transaction. PLease make sure you have the correct Ledger app open”


Hello, you need to use the NEO app since before the swap it’s still a NEO based NEP5 token.
The second error you got was because you used the ONT app first. Just restart the desktop application (close it completely once). And then try again with the NEO ledger app right from the start and it should work.

Also please note that it will take up to 24 hours for your Mainnet ONT tokens to appear.


Nothing is Changed. Also restarting my computer and open NEO app I get the “There was an error signing this transaction. Please make sure you have the correct Ledger app open”


Can you send me your wallet address here? So I can check if there’s anything out of the ordinary?


I sent you a private message


I chekced your address but you should be able to do the swap. What version of the desktop app are you using? It’s in the left bottom side of the app.


The latest version: 0.1.6


Sorry one more question, can yo usee what version of the NEO app you are using? Can you make sure you have installed and updated the latest version from the ledger live app? I think it’s 1.3.2


I was already using the latest version (1.3.2). Now, after uninstalling and renstalling the NEO APP I can to swap my ONT. Thank you



I have got same problem and I cant unlock my O3 wallet.

Please help.




Hello, is it a ledger wallet?


Yes its ledger.


time is running out… Please help


Can you give some more details on what is happening? You can’t unlock it, does that mean it asks for your private key or something?

Can you try to delete the wallet once (through settings, click the wallet and click remove wallet), and then follow this guide to add the ledger wallet:


Hi Arco,

I have deleted my wallets and reinstall and it worked. It wasnt asking me to confirm my transaction on my ledger.
Its working now.