Cant claim my produced gas


Sice last night i couldnt transfer neo from my o3 wallet to binance and my gas claim buttom doesnt work and shows a constant amount
What can i do ?


There is a congestion on the NEO Blockchain right now, that’s what is causing this. Please try again in 24 hours.


I am unable to claim GAS for three days now and the number to claim hasn’t changed at all. Is their congestion still on?


Unfortunately yes there is still some congestion. But it should work from time to time, so I’m sure you will be able to claim.

Also the claimable number won’t change until after you have claimed it. But don’t worry more GAS is being accumulated in the background :wink: It will be visible after you claim the current claimable amount.


Hi, still unable to claim. Any others news to why? Or still congestion?


No it should work now… can you send an email to with your wallet address, which phone you use and which version of the app you are on, or post it here?


Thank you, emailed.