Cant claim ong and can not sent ont


Hi, my O3 wallet is not working!!
Im not generating ont gas (but I have some) and I can not sent ONT tokens.
I have the latest version.
Can somebody help?



Have you read this topic?

It sounds like you do not have any ONG to claim or send. If you can post your address in the above topic then we can give you some ONG to claim with, and then you can use that newly claimed ONG to make transactions.


I to am having this same issue. I sent ONT to my wallet but can’t use it, why? If I understand this I can’t send ONT using this wallet without ONG but I can’t get ONG because, it’s not something you can buy and you can’t get ONG because you have to have a transaction, but you can’t have a transaction without ONG? This seems to be a major oversight and very surprising from this team. What is the fix? MY wallet address is


Hello, there is no fix, unfortunately this is the way that Ontology works. That’s not the way that we have designed it, we cannot do anything about it but give people free ONG to solve this problem. Please read the topic posted above for a better understanding of how this works exactly.

I sent you some ONG to get you started on your first claim.