Cant send my last Neo from 03 wallet to my ledger


I cant sent my last Neo to my ledger. I keep getting blockchain busy error.


Can you post a screenshot of the error? I don’t think we have an error like that in our app…


I have exactly the same error for over 4 days now…very annoying



Can you try turning off wifi?
Also, what version of the app are you on?



I am on the 1.12.2
Without wifi same result


Can you send through your wallet address? If you don’t want to put it here please send it to



Thia is my public key of course


I’m looking into it. Can you try something else for me.
Is it possible to send this 1 NEO to your own address? Does it go through then?


Nope…same result…nothing sent


Still no solution found for this problem?


do you mind trying it again? it should work now.


Nope…still the same result: transaction failed…


I am having the exact same problem when I try to send NEO from O3 to any outside address (exchange, other wallet, etc.). I get the exact same error message.


Would you be so kind to send the following to so we can figure out what’s wrong?

-Wallet address
-Which phone you are using
-Which version of the app you are using
-Which region you are in
-If you’re using a custom keyboard

Also please update to version 2.0 and see if that solves it.


Hello, firstly i updated to 2.0 and now the transaction to another wallet address worked.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully this update also works for the others with the same problem.