Cant unlock O3 wallet


Hi there, I moved Neo from Neon wallet to O3 wallet. I can receive NEO and GAS but can’t Synch Now because I cant unlock the O3 wallet. I cant unlock the O3 wallet because the passphrase from the Neon wallet does not unlock the O3. Can you help? Thanks.



How exactly did you move from NEON to O3? Did you import your wallet through private key/encrypted key or through wallet file? Or did you just create a new wallet on O3 and sent the funds there?

If you sent the funds to a separate, O3 wallet, then you will have a different passphrase (unless when you created it you gave it the same passphrase).

Also, are you on desktop or mobile?


Hi there I created a new wallet. I thought I used the same passphrase but seems not. I am on a desktop. Thanks for your help.



In that case you might have accidentally input a different passphrase. There is no way that it can show incorrect even though your passphrase is correct…
I would suggest to see if you maybe used the same passphrase but had capslock on at the time you created it, or you can try other passhprases/passwords that you use for other services to see if you can find the right one…


Hi there, thanks. Ive tried 15 different passwords but as yet no luck!
Maybe there is something else I can try?



I had the same issue my friend. I realized that between the desktop version and the mobile version there is a PASSPHRASE for desktop unlocking, and a PASSWORD for the mobile version. My neon wallet synced with O3 mobile originally uses a PASSWORD to unlock.


Another option is to start out fresh with a mobile version synched to neon, and then just trash the inaccessible wallet…:thinking:


At the time you created the wallet on desktop it would have showed you an encrypted key (that you use with the passphrase) but also the private key. If you use the private key to login, you will not need the passphrase. Do you have the private key? Then you can also login and you can set a new passphrase if you like.