Can't withdraw GAS from wallet

When I try to withdraw GAS I receive this message:

Transfer not accepted, wait and try again.

please advise

it keeps saying:
Transfer not accepted, wait and try again.

Could you please help me out?

I have the same problem and want to know if anyone has a solution on how to withdraw the neo gas and not get the "transfer not accepted, try again and again and again with no success.

hi, which version did you use? we updated to 3.1.1. on the desktop version on the official website. Please re-download the latest version and try to withdraw the NEO and GAS. Please contact us if you still have any problems :slight_smile:

i have the same problem. I have desktop version 3.3.3.


Hi, there are some possible reasons behind them:

  1. Network traffic was high and the transaction did not have extra fee attached to raise its priority, resulting in the waiting status.
  2. The device was experiencing poor network connection so the transaction was not broadcasted and added to the chain.
  3. Another transaction took place at the same address and at the same time. The UTXO was already used so the transaction became illegal and got rejected by the network.

Please try again, and feel free to join our telegram to get the latest O3 news: