Claiming GAS in O3


Hi I haven’t been able to claim my GAS for several months now. I’ve updated to the new version and everything. I also changed to the network with the highest block count but I still get a network error every time I try to claim GAS. I’m scared that my NEO isn’t even creating GAS anymore bc my GAS has been at the same level for this whole time and I can’t claim.


Hello, that should not be the case. Either way your NEO is ‘creating’ GAS, there is nothing we or even you can do to stop that. It’s just a matter of not displaying correctly.
Just so I can check, what phone are you using and what version of the app are you on?
In the meantime if you want to see how much GAS you should still receive, you can also go to the website:
When you input your wallet address there you can see the amount of unclaimed GAS.


I have the newest version of the app and I have a Huawei Mate 9. Thanks!


Are you still having this issue now? We had some issue yesterday because of the NEL API but now it should be solved. Can you post a screenshot or send it to please? Also would be good to get your address so we can look into it in more detail.



I’m having the same issue. Installed the ios app today on my iphone 8.
The GAS balance is off, and not in sync with the neo tracker website.

Not able to claim the GAS.


Can you send me an e-mail at with your NEO address? What you can try is to send all your NEO to yourself (so from O3 wallet to your own O3 wallet address). This will kind of reset the claiming. Just make sure you send it to yourself and not someone else’s address otherwise it’s gone…