Claiming ong with ios app



So do you have a day the update to claim ONG will be ready on the ios app? I know ontology is allowing users to claim free gas at the moment and im hoping you will have the ios update ready before they stop allowing users to claim for free.

Other wise my ONT is stuck on the o3 with no ONG and no way to claim it until a market place for ONG comes around …


Hey there,

Actually it is being rolled out right now, should show up in the app store within the coming hours.
We also have the free claiming :wink:


Claim is not working, it says succesful but then it does not show up in ONG balance. I waited a half hour, came back and still no balance. Again i claimed and it said succesfull but still no balance.


Hi there,

It’s probably because you don’t have ONG in your wallet yet. Claiming and sending will cost 0.01 ONG in fees, so if you don’t have ONG in your wallet you won’t be able to send/claim. Ontology will make claiming free of cost temporarily, stay tuned for more info.