DBC from Kucoin to O3 not showing


It’s been an hour since I sent my DBC to O3 wallet, on Kucoin side, status succeeded at 18:15:42 CT, any problems anyone heard/seen?


Hi Damo,
It seems there is a bit of congestion on the blockchain at the moment, so it might take a while for all the transactions to clear.

Also, we have noticed from time to time, sending from KuCoin can take a a long time, even after they state the withdrawal has succeeded.

It should get processed soon. Let us know if it shows up.



Ok, understood, thanks for clarifying and enlightening me, peace


No never showed up. ended up contacting Kucoin support, they will pass it on the “Tech” department. You can see the “succeeded” transaction line on screen. But when you hit “view transaction”, nothing comes up but 1 line, no other information, no contract script, or verification script, or transaction in or out, nothing. So Im waiting on my DBC . peace


It’s probably still pending on the blockchain, KuCoin will not tell you anything useful… Best thing you can do is wait it out, it’s just because of the congestion of the NEO network.