Didn´t received O3 Token. Binance send it

Binance sent to this wallet my O3 SWAP: 0x14aa22ce893caa467a01638c2d7037a28c6533b5, txID: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xff41c1185a26ff6f2181160429ba8930dd378a0b0e4779c037a5e9d1f799669e. Please send to my account metamask: 0x14aA22CE893Caa467A01638C2d7037A28c6533b5. Thanks
Aurélio Santos

I’ve checked the transactions made with these O3, and they finally went to the address below. Please check if these transactions are made by yourself and if the money are in this address.
Hope it will be helpful!


Thank you for you care and attention of my case.
But I still don´t received the transaction.

I will explain (sorry i don´t know how to send print screen, so i will send you the TxId):

1- This is first the transaction of binance :


From: 0x141fef8cd8397a390afe94846c8bd6f4ab981c48

To: 0xd038fa46b24fabc6b4d430744986bf104096269a

2- This is the second transaction:


From: 0xd038fa46b24fabc6b4d430744986bf104096269a

To: 0x5f944d27e3d13cefb29a53cf865575712fb99515

3- The third one


From: 0x5f944d27e3d13cefb29a53cf865575712fb99515

To: 0x42dc966b7ecc3c6cc73e7bc04862859d5bddce65

And the 102.586191393 O3 Token are in this last adress (that i believe belongs to O3 Swap):


So, please transfer from this adress to my adress (in metamask)


Thank you again

Aurélio Santos


I already understand what happened and if like you said, it should be returned to our address, but we’ve checked it and it turned out not to be our address, you need to go to Binance to check if they transfer to our address and go to check which address is it, then try to contact them. Sorry to hear this, but unfortunately, there’s nothing more we can do. Good luck!