Dont see my ont and ong blance in wallet app

I dont see my blance in my wallet .
Ont and ong

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Same here. Not sure what is going on

Same I only see the neo now… All previous token of 2017 disappeared

Where can we get answers

Me too
Transactions are nil as well

Mee too!!..
Today I enter on O3 Wallet and wasn’t balance. Where is team from this platform, impossible to contact, I contact them about 3 weeks ago and don’t get reply…
Need help to recover or change passphrase, anyone knows how to change?

I am having the same problem

I did try uninstalling and then reinstalling the 03 app with my mnemonic phrase. After that the ONG and ONT did appear briefly in the My Wallet “assets” folder then vanished. The “transactions” folder is blank. Hope there is a remedy soon.

Yeah this is getting ridiculous… hopefully is not a exit scam

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Same!:imp:I can’t see my ont and ong.