Force close on switcheo

Hey guys,

So when I get into switcheo dApp it’s fine but when I try to connect my wallet in switcheo via facial recognition (iPhone XR) like usual it reads my face then force closes. Haven’t been able to sign into my neo wallet since the last O3 update.

Hey Justin, we found the issue for the switcheo login this morning, and are waiting for the app store to review the latest submission to deploy the fix. Apologies for the down time.

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I think now with te update I have the same issue for IPhone when I try to connect the O3 wallet to switcheo and the same for the nns dApp

Hi guys , since yesterday it force closes on me also when trying to connect wallet to switcheo , I am using an iPhone 6X , is there a fix for this yet ?

Hi, yes we just released an update that should fix this. Please check for another update in the app store!