Forget password

Hi Team O3
I have the keys but I don’t remember my password. I have created this password in 2018. Kindly help to restore my account

Hi Faraz,

Just sent you an email. Please check :slight_smile:

You guys are irresponsible as well as you app is 3rd class. Why you are not mentioned this password is one time only you can not change. Due to this I have lost all my money. Now I have to check all life what was the password.

You can re-import your wallet with your private keys

I don’t have private keys. I am new in crypto I have checked in Android there is no private key option. Only encrypted password are there

There are three ways to import your wallet.微信图片_20200924185655

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Team I know my password but whenever I enter my wallet password nothing happen

Hi, what was the tip from the wallet that showing you?

I am not getting you. Do you help me to know some hint of my password