Forgotten Password


Hi. I installed O3 on my ios device a while ago just to have a look I don’t have any assets yet but would like to bring over my ONT to swap them for mainnet ONT and to clain ONG. I have the private key backed up but I don’t seem to have made a note of the password I must used to create the account, to be honest can’t remember if I set one up but assume I did. Currently I’m using fingerprint id to get access to the app but would like to find out what the password is, is this possible?


Hello. Unless you created an encrypted key there is no password, just your private key.
So it’s either:

  1. Touch ID (or pincode of your phone) + private key
  2. Touch ID (or pincode of your phone) + encrypted key + password

I assume that since you installed it a while ago it is just the private key as we only recently introduced encrypted keys. All you would need to log in to another phone or computer wallet is your private key.


Okay makes sense, couldn’t recall which it was but sounds like option 1 in my case. Thanks.