FTW AIR DROP Eligibility question


Hello O3. I asked this question in the FTW telegram but was told to ask O3 directly. I downloaded the 03 wallet and have been using it for about 3 or 4 weeks now already. The question I have is when I registered I had at least two Neo already and gas ready to be claimed but I didn’t claim any before registering my address in the news section. Will that matter? I did claim the gas right after registering after realizing that it was in the rules for the air drop but wasn’t sure if claiming gas mattered prior to registering or just having the two NEO or more. Hoping I will still qualify for the O3 FTW air drop as I did have at least 2 NEO and was using the wallet just didn’t claim the gas I had prior to registering. Can someone check and see if I still qualify?
My O3 address AakeWSDtG9393Kxc3ieDeATYySMaybqRLg Thank you.


Hey my friend,

So according to the rules it states:

An O3 wallet address that you have previously used to make a transaction or GAS/ONG claim with
A minimum of 2 NEO in the O3 wallet address at the time of registration
A minimum of 2 NEO in the O3 wallet address at the time of the snapshot on 13th of August 8:00am CET

So according to the first line there’s an and/or option. Either a transaction was made (transfer/send/receive) OR GAS/ONG claim. Plus you have until the 13th so I believe as long as you had some form of transaction before you registered your wallet address in the form, you should be good. As long as everything else was satisfied before registration such as 2 NEO you should be fine


Exactly, what Justin said is correct (thanks) :slight_smile:
Either way you won’t be able to sign up if you’re not eligible (it will show a red error message). If you get the green message saying you are registered you’re good to go!


Thanks Justin. I guess I didn’t send anything out from the O3 wallet only deposited about 5 or 6 nep5 tokens including Neo. Not sure if a deposit counts as a transaction. The issue I have is with the whole timing on when registering my address as I didn’t claim gas yet or make any transactions other than deposits of course. I guess my question is even if we have until the 13th did I register too early before claiming gas or sending anything from the wallet only deposits to the wallet? So the only thing I had prior to registration was the 2 NEO with a few other deposits of other nep 5 tokens and unclaimed gas. Then after I registered I claimed gas. Hoping maybe my address can be checked by someone to be sure from O3 and be accepted?


Sounds like you’re fine. You deposited (transacted) and also had 2 NEO before registering. You’re good :+1:t3:


Just to double confirm, your address is in our registered list :wink:


Oh ok thats interesting. So I guess I should be good cause it wouldn’t have allowed to me enter my address in the first place if I wasn’t eligible.


Indeed, that’s correct :wink:


Awesome news. Thank you Justin. I did a few test deposits the last few days and definitely impressed with the O3 wallet. Gonna be using it more now. Thanks again :+1: :grinning:


why there is a requirement to make transaction before registration? I’m new here, not really understand if O3 has it’s own wallet address?


It’s just to make sure not everyone can easily make multiple wallets and keep on registering, and to limit it to users that actually use O3. O3 doesn’t have it’s own address, but we can check if there’s been any transactions made with a certain address using O3.


Understand. But if I have several NEO wallets with NEO can I manage them all in 03 wallet? Should I log out from the old wallet each time?
Another question - can I sign up for airdrop with several NEO wallets then that had activity and more than 2 NEO?



Hello, right now we only support one wallet at a time, so you should log out every time you want to switch. We’re looking into adding support for multiple wallets in the future.

Regarding the airdrdop, you can only sign up with one wallet/address per device.