FTW-FTX token swap


Will o3 wallet support the ftw-ftx token swap


In general we support all token swaps, unless they migrate to a new blockchain. At this moment there is not a lot of info about the FTW-FTX swap but we’re in touch with the team so will make sure it will be possible for users to check their new FTX tokens in O3.


Wow, thank you very much for the info and the very fast response…


I would just like to put an update out there for any FTW holders looking for information on the token swap to FTX. The newest article States that the ftw2 FTX token swap will happen via airdrop wherever you are holding your FTW tokens.


And O3 will add the FTX tokens so everyone will be able to receive them :wink:


Thanks Arco… I can’t believe how much this wallet has evolved into a literal one stop shop for the entire Neo ecosystem. Congrats to the genius developers, for this amazing box of tools and putting together the most comprehensive support system for those tools… Thanks again.