Gagapay and Coupit


With these two crowdsale/ICO ending in the next couple days, will we see support for these coin in O3 wallets? Thanks


Of course you will :wink:
We will be adding them asap!


Hello, how do I add a script hash for my coupit tokens I should have received?


O3 already has the script hash in and you should see them in your wallet if they have been sent!


What Mikemike979 said is correct :wink:
By the way we’re just waiting for Gagapay logos so we can add that one too.


Withdrawals are finally ready from GagaPay’s site. Will there be an update soon? I’ve been in their TG channel and people are semi frantic that Gaga is not showing up in their O3! Thank you, sir! Very much appreciated as always!


We were under the assumption that it was visible, sorry we’ll get it fixed asap! Should be visible soon.


Ok, it should be working now!


It may be, but they have been struggling with distribution, so nobody really knows. I think there has been mixed signals here. My apologies if this had already been added!


hello, how to transfer GTA tokens from 03 wallet to an exchange like binance?


In your wallet page in O3 there’s a send button, just click that button and you can input an address where you want to send them to. That would be where you put in the exchange address.

But as far as we’re aware the GTA token is not listed on binance yet, so better check before sending :wink:


Arco is correct! GTA has NOT been listed on an exchange currently!!!


I want to get my wallet for GTA tokens but can’t get out.


Out of O3? Or out of somewhere else?


Coupit sent me a record locator for the tokens sent across to my O3 address but my account is still saying 0. How can I click on manage my tokens so I can see my coupit tokens?


There’s no manage tokens section, all of your tokens will show up 100% sure if they are in your wallet address. Can you give me your address, and that’ record locator’ or transaction id from coupit? If you don’t want to put it here please send it to